TCM F1 Options and Accessories

Options and accessories available for the TCM FG-F1 forklift.

TCM F1 Options and Accessories

The TCM F1 is available with a varieity of options and accessories, including what’s listed below.
Contact us to discuss how the TCM F1 can meet your requirements.

  • TCM F1 Swing down LPG bottle bracket

    Swing down LPG bottle bracket

    This feature allows for quick and easy change out of the LPG bottle, reducing operator down time and fatigue.

  • TCM F1 Tilt leveling

    Tilt leveling system

    Press button system to bring mast back to vertical for operator convenience.

  • TCM F1 Side shifter

    Integral Side Shift

    A popular addition to all forklifts for operational and handling efficiency.

  • TCM F1 AirBoss-tyres

    AirBoss® Tyres

    AirBoss air free tires use cushioning, hollow rubber segments that offer an easy ride for man and machine.

  • TCM F1 panoramic mirror

    Panoramic Mirror

    A great option to increase an operator's rear field of view.

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