TCM F1 Series industrial forklifts

From UniCarriers comes a cutting edge series of industrial forklift trucks.  Rugged and reliable, the TCM F1 forklift offers superior controllability, excellent front and rear visibility, and high-speed operation to help increase productivity. No detail has been overlooked in improving operator safety, and maintenance has been made easier than ever. For the ultimate in performance, count on the F1 industrial forklift.

  • Eco-friendly

    The TCM F1 series has been designed with serious consideration to the operator and environment. This is done via cleaner running EFI engine with quick switch drive options for Eco and Power mode. 

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  • Operator comfort

    The wide-open floor space has been optimized for easier entry and exit, and more operator comfort. The uncluttered floor improves operator safety by eliminating tripping hazards and removing sharp edg…

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  • Control and productivity

    The TCM F1 has been designed to provide operators with superior control and productivity. Key features have been incorporated into the F1 series design such as postioning of operator controls and leve…

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  • Better durability

    TCM has been involved in the disgn and engineering of industrial equipment since 1949. Their products are globally well respected to be robust and durable for operation in the toughest environments.&n…

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  • Easy maintenance

    We understand that to prevent downtime and breakdowns forklifts need maintenance care. The TCM F1 has been designed so that service technicians can perform service and repairs with ease. All areas of …

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  • Safety

    Safe operation is of paramount importance in today's operational environment.The TCM F1 has been designed to incorporate a wide variety of safety features.Including wide view masts to improve operator…

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